SATFX – keeping the focus

2019 is set to be SATFX’s best year to date — seeing 36% growth in revenue, 15% increase in staff and new larger office just in the first quarter!

But setting these growth targets is the easy part – creating an achievable strategy to reach them; as well as keeping the motivation going is often the trickier task. This is where our ‘away days’ come in.

Each quarter the whole team participates in an afternoon of planning and team building focusing around one element of the company. Previous topics have been around: knowing our customers, developing the best product, defining our key messaging, etc. I was asked to host our Q2 2019 away day and the focus for this quarter needed to be around, keeping the focus. The energy and motivation behind a company in a state of growth is something to behold, with opportunities flying in and developments, that were pipe dreams, starting to be actualised. However, with this chaos comes a lack of control and potentially a risk that the company is deviating from its goals – and not in a positive way. We do not which to change or control the existing dynamic as there is a lot of research supporting ‘running on the edge of chaos’ that says that “this state of complexity is needed for a living system to be adaptive, to learn and be creative.” and it’s obviously working.

Unfortunately, what we’re noticing is a companywide feeling of having too much to do in the working day – obviously this is great and we’re recruiting BUT what we at SATFX need to do is ensure that the complex elements are all moving towards a united goal – that the left hand is feeding the right hand as it were. The away day supported this by defining the company, team and individual goals, as well as identifying team roles. The idea is that by defining goals and breaking these down into monthly (and in some cases weekly!) chunks we will be able to report on successes, opportunities/deviations and any issues to reaching the goals set. AKA – MARGINAL GAINS!

Having set the task to the team, we all sat down and went off at a complete tangent and managed to re-organise our company structure! But with this new structure came greater, ownership, accountability and clarity of steps need to support SATFX grow.

To maintain the balance and ensure a certain level of chaos, it was also important to understand more about the team, more specifically the types of activities that we each excel in! We all completed a team roles personality test…and to raise the level from chaos to mayhem, we then decided to test these with a furious came of Boggle!!

Our findings…

Interestingly as a company, we are a mix of the key nine personality types – with at least one person scoring highest in each of the roles. But, unsurprisingly, when it came to testing our assumption that those in the ‘complimenting’ personality traits group would perform better (would find more words in Boggle) than those in the ‘similar personality’ traits group, our Boggle scores yielded no significant results – other than Pippa & James Rock at Boggle!


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