The one thing that never changes is the fact that everything changes.


Change isn’t always positive – global warming, aging, extinction of the dinosaurs! But when it comes to keeping you secure – your data, your funds, your aspirations! — SATFX play it safe by being ahead of the curve. By this, I mean doing everything reasonably practical within our power to ensure that when you use SATFX your funds and personal information are secure. We pride ourselves on our personal approach and our ability to help individuals and businesses to achieve their objectives – whether that’s studying abroad, paying suppliers or buying that dream home.

What ‘being secure’ means for our clients – we asked several customers what security regulations they looked for in an FX company and why they chose us:

  1. Rates, rates, rates! that was all I originally looked for but I choose SATFX because of their great service. I trust SATFX and I know my money is secure – Howard.
  2.  Trust, Speed, Honesty. 3 words that best describe SATFX. Oh and with a lot of courtesy thrown in —  Ian.
  3. Great personable customer service from start to finish and a fantastic rate on my money. They (SAT FX) really helped with exchange and advice with my inheritance money from France — Paul.

For more information on our security processes and how we’re ensuring our customers’ safety please get in touch: call us on: 44 (0) 1491 577550 or email:


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