#GBP gains 3.5% on the #EUR last week – 20th July 2015

Greek citizens in Greece will be pleased to hear they can now take out more money from their bank account; €420. But hang on a minute, they are only allowed to take out €420 a week which works out…€60 a day. Ironic as it may appear, it is a step towards normality, and another will

Greece approves the reforms required but the #Troika cheque not posted yet – 16th July 2015

As widely expected (and with little alternative) the parliament in Athens begrudgingly approved the tax and pension changes that are a condition of receiving a further bailout. It isn’t quite a done deal yet though as Germany and Finland must now legislate to approve the payout. Interestingly, this morning the German finance minister hinted that

#GBP at multi-year highs against #EUR #AUD #NZD #CAD #ZAR. Time to buy? Yes!!

The International Monetary Fund, one of the architects of the latest bailout deal, has cast doubt on the deal it put together by saying Greece will need “debt relief on a scale that would need to go well beyond what has been under consideration to date”. So, hang on a minute, is the deal agreed

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