Chinese circuit breaker scrapped – 11th January 2016

China’s circuit breaker was triggered twice last week when the Shanghai stock exchange lost 7% of it’s value as panicked investors tried to sell off their assets. The concept of circuit-breakers has been around for some time and then can work, preventing excessive price movements by halting trade however, when introduced on the fly to

Chinese overcapacity could spell trouble for the US – 6th January 2016

Chinese overcapacity could spell trouble for the US Following manufacturing the PMI’S earlier in the week, it has become apparent that the global economy is suffering from severe over capacity with particular problems for China where it is estimated to have about 300 million tonnes of excess steel production.  So what to do about it? You

Sterling lacks festive Cheer – 4th January 2016

The Christmas and New Year holiday was not a particularly enjoyable one for Sterling as it weakened by an average of 0.3% against the other dozen most actively-traded currencies. Between Christmas Eve and today the Japanese Yen has been the stand out leader largely due to the increasing political tensions between Saudi Arabi and Iran.

UK Borrowing Increases leading to a Sterling slump – 23rd December 2015

Could it be the fault of the likes of Netflix and Cadbury, companies reported to have avoided paying tax to the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, for the increase in UK borrowing? Collecting taxes from such companies would certainly reduce the amount the chancellor is borrowing which in November was £13.6 billion, more than the forecast

All eyes on the Federal Reserve today – 16th December 2015

At 7pm this evening, 80% of investors and economists expect the US Federal Reserve will announce its first interest rate increase since 10th May 2006. Expectations for the rate hike have been fuelled by the Fed chairperson, Janet Yellen, and her colleagues so failure to deliver the hike would destroy the credibility of any future guidance

Sterling the weakest and the Kiwi the strongest yesterday – 15th December 2015

Sterling was yesterday’s weakest performer falling by an average of 0.7%; the equivalent to one Japanese Yen, one Euro and a quarter of a US cent. The reason – the Bank of England Deputy Governor Minouche Shafik who delivered a speech at the Institute of Directors entitled “Treading carefully”. Her general drift was that interest rates must

Exotic and Commodity Currencies down ahead of FOMC – 14th December 2015

A 1.25% daily decline in the value of a currency during a 5-stint as South Africa’s finance minister won’t look good on the CV of David Van Rooyen. To make matters worse for Mr Van Rooyen, the Rand has strengthened by 5% since his dismissal. The strengthening post his departure suggests investors have rather more time

The Rand gets hammered and mixed fortunes for the Aussie and Kiwi – 10th December 2015

Australian employment figures were released overnight with analysts forecasting a loss of 10,000 jobs in November and unemployment rising from 5.9% to 6.0%. When the Australian Bureau of Statistics reported the addition of 71,000 jobs last month and a drop of unemployment to 5.8% investors were startled. The Aussie Dollar gained two cents higher on

Aussie Dollar suffers as commodity prices drop – 8th December 2015

The commodity currencies, particularly the Australian Dollar which saw losses of 1.1% against Sterling and 1.4% against the US Dollar, were the ones to suffer on Monday. The Aussie also suffered this morning by news that imports by China, Australia’s biggest export customer, fell by -8.7% in November, marking a thirteenth month of decline. The reason

Friday’s calm after Thursday’s ECB Storm – 7th December 2015

Nobody was particularly surprised when Friday’s US employment report showed a further 35,000 jobs were created in November and non-farm payrolls increased by 211,000 (11,000 more than forecast). There was also an upward revision to previous months’ data, putting the total 46,000 above what investors had been expecting. US Dollar’s supporters, who have become accustomed

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