A quick note to say thank you!

  Trust pilot, google reviews, social media, etc. have made reviewing an organisation very easy. You can review honest customer feedback at a click of a button. But completing that review takes time out of customers days and we wanted to say ‘thank you’ to our customers for taking that time and supporting SATFX. We’re

You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your FX broker

When you’re looking to transfer currency – whether learning the market or finally making that dream foreign home a reality– you need to make sure you consider the whole market. As with many sectors the digital evolution has changed the Foreign Exchange market by making information more accessible – perhaps too accessible. This forest of

SATFX Online relaunch

Introducing the new SATFX Online Xero application – Visit our stand at Xerocon to see how this FX plug-in can help you. SATFX Online was developed for accountants and small businesses to enable them to save time and money when processing foreign currency invoices. By integrating SATFX’s foreign currency trading platform with Xero, all Xero users

So, you know about foreign exchange?

Increase your knowledge with these 5 interesting facts about the history of FX. There has always been a need for foreign exchange but before trade truly expanded this need was served by gold – essentially because gold was used by most major countries. However, when trade expanded there became a need to trade in currencies

Keeping you secure online

Security is so important to us we put it in our name ‘SAT’ = Secure Automated Transactions Webcam covers for visitors to our stand at Xerocon! And the first 500 email respondents. In this digital age security is on everyone’s mind. Security, of belongings, finances, data –including personal information. Recently several articles have been published

Survey: What would make foreign currency transactions simpler?

What would make foreign currency transactions simpler? Please complete our short survey on what would make foreign exchange transaction easier. 2018 saw the re-launch of SATFX Online.  SATFX Online was created to enable Xero users to manage their currency invoices in a simple, efficient and cost-effective manner. All invoices in Xero are downloaded automatically into

Service, compliance or convenience

Service, compliance or convenience – which, if compromised, would have the least impact for your clients? For accountants providing high levels of service, compliance and convenience are a sure-fire way to reach and remain at the top of their field. But if they had to compromise on one area in order to meet a client’s

Election Impact on your Currency Transfers

Cast your mind back to May 17th 2015 and the last general election, when David Cameron was elected as Prime Minister after winning a clear majority. Mr Cameron’s success came as a big surprise as the pre-election polls predicted another hung parliament. The surprise gave Sterling an immediate boost and rose on average by 3.4%

How will election impact currencies and what can you do about it?

When Theresa May called a snap general election on 18th April 2017, Sterling was trading at 1.1750 against the Euro, at 1.2550 against the US Dollar, at 1.6540 against the Australian Dollar and at 1.7900 against the New Zealand Dollar. As news of the announcement broke Sterling gained 2.8 cents on the Euro, 3.5 cents

What impact will triggering Article 50 have on Sterling and what can you do about it?

What impact will triggering Article 50 have on Sterling and what can you do about it? Ever since the polls closed and the results were announced on the 24th June we knew the UK was going to leave the UK. Yes there were some challenges along the way but now the day is coming that

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