GBP rocked once more as the prospect of a No Deal Brexit increases once again…

Sterling found itself at fresh lows against the USD this morning following Boris Johnson’s statement last night meaning ongoing political uncertainty continues to weigh heavily on the Pound. GBPUSD fell to its lowest level since October 2016 as a result of Boris considering an early General Election and MP’s mulling a vote to block a

Did you know…3 SATFX benefits that you should’ve been taking advantage of.

There are certain things you already know and love about SATFX like the fact that we have been trading multiple currencies for both individuals and businesses for many years and that we of course provide customer service excellence to our clients, both online and over the telephone. And obviously, we offer FANTASTIC rates without additional

GBP at a 6-month low – where does it go from here?

  The pound has been in a near constant state of flux throughout June.  In the last week alone it dipped following pressure from expectations of a no-deal Brexit and the commotion surrounding the Tory leadership race but gained ground against the US Dollar – which had weakened over uncertainty around the G20 summit. If

Introducing James Underhay

The sky is the limit for SATFX and we’re pleased to welcome James Underhay to our team as the Head of Deliverable FX services. James will be helping both our Private and Corporate clients navigate the FX markets by providing ongoing insight, support, and exceptional service. Let’s find out more about James’ experiences, what he

Leap of faith or validated decision? What does your FX broker do to ensure your safety.

Emily Winch answers your question: “how did SATFX’s compliance procedure develop? And how do I know it’s safe?” For more information on our security processes and how we’re ensuring our customers’ safety please get in touch: call us on: 44 (0)1491 577550 or email:

Onboarding process steps – are the team up to the challenge!

Can the SATFX sales team (without preparing) define the onboarding and compliance steps our clients need to step through before they can start trading? Pippa: UK based private account opening process Luke: Non-UK based private account opening process Alex: UK corporate account opening process James: Why are ID and Address documents needed for a private

The one thing that never changes is the fact that everything changes.

  Change isn’t always positive – global warming, aging, extinction of the dinosaurs! But when it comes to keeping you secure – your data, your funds, your aspirations! — SATFX play it safe by being ahead of the curve. By this, I mean doing everything reasonably practical within our power to ensure that when you

Three ways we’re ensuring your security

  It’s not enough to just ‘tick’ security boxes, we at SATFX believe that we need to be proactive with security: 1. We always use segregated client accounts. Our client funds are segregated completely from the business accounts, this means your money is kept completely separate and in specific circumstances, we can also offer the additional

SATFX – keeping the focus

2019 is set to be SATFX’s best year to date — seeing 36% growth in revenue, 15% increase in staff and new larger office just in the first quarter! But setting these growth targets is the easy part – creating an achievable strategy to reach them; as well as keeping the motivation going is often

Getting to know the team: Samantha Morris

SATFX play-dough challenge – Using play-dough build something that we have helped our clients do or buy. Samantha, our marketing manager, shares her insight into ‘why SATFX is so great to work for’ in this short clip. To find out more  about her experience and insights watch her introductory video – see if you can guess what she

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