Did you know…3 SATFX benefits that you should’ve been taking advantage of.

There are certain things you already know and love about SATFX like the fact that we have been trading multiple currencies for both individuals and businesses for many years and that we of course provide customer service excellence to our clients, both online and over the telephone. And obviously, we offer FANTASTIC rates without additional fees as our costs are included in the rate you receive! But here are three other benefits of trading with SATFX that you could be taking advantage of to protect yourself in these turbulent pre Brexit times..!


1.Your clients payments owed to you, direct to us to exchange for you!

What this means is that as a client of SATFX you can give your clients our USD or EURO bank account details to pay to. So rather than you having to set-up and pay for multi-currency accounts you can take advance of our accounts and transfer your funds without excessive bank charges when having to move funds around. This enables you to get paid faster!

2.Rate Alerts:

Rate alerts are a fantastic way to ensure that you never miss that key rate and protect your bottom line in case the rates start to move and you aren’t watching! Sign-up to SATFX’s rate alerts here.

3.Use Market Orders to control what rates you get:

“Good Till Cancelled” (GTC) – set a target rate you hope to achieve and if the market reaches that rate your currency will be bought or sold automatically and we will contact you to let you know.

“Good Till Expiry” (GTE) – set a target rate you hope to achieve within a set window/timeframe. If the market reaches that rate, within your timeframe, your currency will be bought or sold automatically and we will contact you to let you know.

“One Cancels Other” (OCO) – enables you to target a higher rate but also have a safety net in place in case the rates start to fall, protecting your bottom line from further losses. Whichever rate is struck first cancels the opposing order so you are never over exposed!

If you want to discuss your currency requirements with our friendly, knowledgeable team, or for more information and support on how to save time and money on your future transactions call SATFX today: +44 (0) 1491 577 550.


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