Introducing James Underhay

The sky is the limit for SATFX and we’re pleased to welcome James Underhay to our team as the Head of Deliverable FX services. James will be helping both our Private and Corporate clients navigate the FX markets by providing ongoing insight, support, and exceptional service.
Let’s find out more about James’ experiences, what he brings to the team and most importantly – how he can help you save money and time!

We put him through his paces with the following 5 questions:

  1. 1. What are your thoughts on Boris Johnson potentially becoming Prime Minister?

“Boris may be just as well known for his exploits outside of Westminster as he is within it, however, he’s led on the big stage previously, did a great job as Mayor of London and has the gravitas to steer Britain out of stormy waters..”

  1. 2. What’s the best piece of FX guidance you could offer to clients?

“Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to dig a well…! By this I mean I’ve heard too many stories where clients have previously not sought input from experts and sat on their hands until it’s too late. It’s important to understand the risk of your exposure and to be proactive in your decision making, not reactive.”

  1. 3. Did you fall into or choose a career in FX?

“I totally fell into it. I was due to go to university after taking a year out to go traveling, but during that year out I interviewed with a few firms and one of them was an FX Brokerage – who offered me a job. The industry seemed tremendously exciting, young, and vibrant. I had a decision to make and I’m happy to say that I haven’t looked back since!”

  1. 4. Why did you choose to work with SATFX?

“For me, it was extremely refreshing walking into a room full of people trying to make a difference. We, SATFX, deliver exceptional customer service in all areas of the business and it’s the client that is our ultimate priority. The other thing that struck me was that the company punches well above its weight in terms of product offering, delivery, and ambition  – which is something I really admire. No opportunity is disregarded without thorough thought into how we could potentially manage it. In addition to this the ability to deliver tailored, bespoke solutions for our clients puts some of the other firms in the industry well and truly in the shade. Moving forward, we are creating an offering which will future proof the business as well as differentiate us from much of the competition.”

  1. 5. What should we expect from your first 6months at SATFX?

“ -Energy
-Passion for the business
-Outstanding client service
-Positive attitude

But above all a desire to ensure that we continue on the fantastic path that Adam and the team have set us on.

I truly believe we are building something enviable at SATFX and being able to contribute to that in the coming years is going to be fantastic”


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