Bespoke Currency Services for Charities and NGO’s

Aid agencies and Charities are under more scrutiny than most when it comes to their finances and with foreign currency transactions a critical element it’s essential to choose a currency provider who can be both trusted and help to make the most of your money. If you operate in more than one country will have situations which require money to be exchanged from one currency to another, whether these are infrequent currency transactions or something that’s required on a regular, ongoing basis.

The choice as to who makes this currency exchange on your behalf is usually between a bank or a broker, and in the charitiable sector where financial decisions are closely scrutinised banks are often seen as the ‘safe’ choice. They will not however necessarily offer you the most competitive exchange rates and will often include transfer fees and other hidden charges.

Foreign exchange brokers on the other hand tend to offer more competitive exchange rates than banks and a superior level of client service. But with so many brokers in the market, and with trust and security paramount, why should you choose SATFX? We believe that we offer a unique service led solution with all the big city broker experience but without the big city jargon filled hard sell. How do we do this? By ensuring all the work we carry out for charities and NGO’s strictly adheres to our Charity Promise.

SATFX Charity Promise

Launched in 2014 our Charity Promise comprises six key elements to ensure your donations get to where they are needed most whilst limiting the impact of foreign currency rates when your funds are transferred.

• Bespoke Charity Currency Services
• 100+ currencies
• International Payroll Solutions
• Non-Comission Based Brokers
• Donation on Every Trade

Please email or call +44 (0) 1491 577550 to discuss your organisations requirements and any element of our Charity Promise further.

Testimonial – Britsh Overseas NGO’s for Development (BOND): Paul Butler, Director of Finance & Operations

“SATFX (formerly SAT Worldwide) took time to understand the operations of Bond and its cash flow and business requirements in transacting foreign currency. I transacted my first trades after being given first class advice and assurance from Adam who clearly knows the market extremely well. The risks were clearly laid out and my organisation’s appetite for risk clearly understood. The exchange rates were competitive and the settlement service efficient. I can highly recommend this company to any organisation within the INGO, large or small”.


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